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Welcome to our A Foreign Affair review. This marriage agency is the most reputable, and most highly acclaimed foreign women marriage agency either on the web or off. This is our top rated marriage agency for men to use in their pursuit of a wife from foreign lands.

The first thing to know is that A Foreign Affair is the company name though they are sometimes referred to as “LoveMe.com.” There is a site with the name “A Foreign Affair” which is an affiliate of the company. This other site focuses primarily on Asian women. Being an affiliate, they use all of the parent company facilities, women’s profiles, pricing structure, etc.. But it’s the LoveMe.com parent company that has the full repertoire of women’s profiles and manages all company operations in Phoenix, Arizona. So this review could just as well be called “LoveMe.com review.” But we’ve chosen to use the legal name of the parent company and thus are calling this “A Foreign Affair Review.”

And yes, this will be a review, a discussion of the good and the bad. Though it’s our top rated marriage agency, our A Foreign Affair review will explore not just the great things about this marriage agency (of which there are many.) But also, we’ll dig into some things we wish were different or better (a couple exist).

We suggest that as part of reading our review, that you also read our strategy for how to maximize your results from using a marriage agency.

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This is our top recommended marriage agency.

Our rating for this marriage agency is 5 stars


A Foreign Affair is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that has been in business since 1995. They do business according to all applicable laws and operate with a high degree of integrity. They are known for organizing and hosting the best foreign introduction tours in the industry. They provide introductions to women in many parts of the world with emphasis on Latin America, Asia, Russia and the FSU countries, particularly Ukraine. The icing on the cake is that they have very solid connections in Russia and Ukraine.
In fact, they have offices in more than twice as many cities in Ukraine as in Russia. And they feature almost twice as many Russian women from Ukraine than they do from Russia.

12/29/11 UPDATE: For various reasons we will not address costs as part of our reviews. However, with A Foreign Affair there is a lot of rubbish on the Internet about costs so we wrote a special post addressing the FACTS. You can read it here: http://russianbridefacts.com/blog/2011/12/29/a-foreign-affair-review-some-truth-about-costs/

Now on with the review details.


First, some good stuff.

1. A Huge Selection Of Women.

Our A Foreign Affair review perusal of their site found stats stating their total number of profiles as of April 22,2011 is 38,010. Of those, many are for their Asian and South American operations. The total profiles for Ukraine is 12,073. For Russia it’s 6163.

Doing a search for Kiev, Ukraine with age=18-45 and weight max.=145 lbs., we found 1327 women in Kiev.

Following are clickable photos of some of their Russian women:

A Foreign Affair states that they’ve processed over 200,000 profiles to arrive at the profile inventory they provide. They also state that they add roughly 200 new profiles each week.

And obviously, since our site here is about Russian women, we’ve focused mostly on A Foreign Affair’s being able to introduce you to Russian women. However, it’s important to note in our A Foreign Affair review that they also have profiles of women from many other regions of the world. And they host tours to those other places as well.

Following are clickable photos of more of A Foreign Affair’s Russian women. Photos of Latin, Asian and more Ukrainian women are below:

2. The Search Engine.

A Foreign Affair’s search engine is awesome. As part of working up this A Foreign Affair review, a trial search was performed with the parameters of city=Kiev, age=25-35, weight=101-125 lbs.. The results were 400 women listed with clickable thumbnail pics on the left side of the page along with counts of how many women were excluded from the list by each criterion entered. And it was FAST.

You can search on any item listed in the standard profile including use of 3 fields to do keyword search for things like hobbies, sports, etc. that a woman may have entered.

There was one minor “wrinkle” with the search engine though and we’ll discuss that later.

6-24-11 UPDATE – – 2 minor wrinkles.

3. Great Information Resources.

Incredible information resources are available at A Foreign Affair. For example, just check out the FAQ page on the right side of their home page. You’ll find everything from guidance about writing to foreign women, to how to conduct yourself at tour socials and everything in between like gifts to bring, clothes to wear, your visa requirements for tours, etc., etc..

And they have online Q and A forums as well as a weekly real time webinar.

And most importantly, if you’re really concerned or confused about something, call on the phone and talk with a real person to get your questions dealt with.

8-26-11 UPDATE – –

After More digging into the A Foreign Affair site we uncovered a very valuable, easy to overlook feature, women’s videos. We wrote about it on a post – – how to find them, how to use them. Read it here:  Foreign Women Video Clips  

4. Legal Assistance For Visas.

The importance of initiating and proceeding with the fiancee visa process from a solid legal footing cannot be overstated. If you start the process with legal representation, the U.S. Embassy will notice and be less inclined to “nit-pick” your application. You’ll not be given an automatic “green light”, but you’ll not be shunted off to a side rail for special attention. It’s bureaucracy, men. Play the game according to the bureaucrats’ rules.

From our own experience we know these things and as part of creating this A foreign Affair review, we’ve studied the A Foreign Affair visa support provisions.

What we found is that they are FIRST RATE. Not only are they VERY reasonably priced, but they go the extra mile and help you far beyond the fiancee visa process and well into acquisition of the permanent green card. This is far and away beyond what most legal services provide for the price.

And beyond price, their MOST IMPORTANT service feature is their in-country support and connections. Through using A Foreign Affair visa services your fiancee will have available to her people to speak with in her native language to answer questions and prepare for her visa interview.

PLUS, the visa process does not always go smoothly. Read our article how we got papers from other countries.

Understand that the “Moscow connection” referred to in that article was by way of legal services I hired in the U.S.. A Foreign Affair has such connections in places they do business. They’re there to help. Use ‘em.  

5. Great Web Presence And Press Recognition.

For the press – – Over the years A Foreign Affair has been portrayed positively by Time Magazine, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, BBC News, all major TV networks, The New York Times and most recently by The Oprah Winfrey Network.

7-29-11 UPDATE:

In regards to the Oprah Winfrey Network coverage of A Foreign Affair, in March of 2011 Lisa Ling’s “Our America” segment of OWN aired a program called “Online Brides”. I’ve located both a Youtube video clip associated with the program and another video network full replay of the original program.

Here is the full program replay – no commercials, no sign ups, completely free. Full replay Oprah Winfrey Network “Online Brides” .

And here is the Youtube “Our America” sequel to “Online Brides.” This clip shows the happy ending of two of the people followed in the program. This was not shown on the original “Online Brides” broadcast because it took place after the program was recorded. NOTE – when you click the link you’ll have to click another link to open the video on a new page.

Youtube “Onlines Brides” finale.

11-27-11 UPDATE:

In August of 2011, abcNews NIGHTLINE aired a program called “From Ukraine With Love” about an A Foreign Affair romance tour to Odessa, Ukraine. Watch a replay of the program and read my commentary about it at:

And for the web – – Long before embarking on development of this A Foreign Affair review, I’ve personally monitored the international dating agency industry, On only 2 occasions were negative comments posted on the web about A Foreign Affair. This contrasts sharply with the hundreds of positive comments about them that I’ve read. And on both of those negative occasions, the comments were responded to quickly and directly by one of the owners of A Foreign Affair. Proof was provided that the comments were untrue and that redress, though unwarranted, was offered.      

6. A Foreign Affair is a U.S. based company.

This is a critically important issue. If you are dealing with a company based in Belarus, Russia, or who knows where and you end up with a dispute about charges, their performance or whatever, then you are most likely, S.O.L..
But with a U.S. based company, you at least have U.S. law as a legal recourse in the event of disputes.

7. Does Not Promote “Mail Order Brides”.

An important part of our A Foreign Affair review is to ascertain without any doubt that the company does NOT promote the concept of “mail order brides”. As we’ve written about on our site before, the “mail order brides” marketing tactic is defamatory and deplorable. A Foreign Affair does not market to this idea and as well, they relate to and treat the women on their site with dignity. This is important to YOU the male client because it’s a strong indication that you too will be treated with dignity.   

8. Fully Compliant With All Legal Requirements.

A Foreign Affair conducts all of its operations in full compliance with requirements defined by IMBRA and other laws specific to the international dating industry.

7-23-11 UPDATE:

For a marriage agency to adhere strictly to all provisions on the IMBRA law is critically important for you if you intend to bring a foreign women into the United States for marriage. Why? If you meet your fiancee through a marriage agency that does NOT adhere to the U.S. IMBRA law, she may not be granted a fiancee visa to America.

And you WILL be asked if you met your fiancee through a marriage agency. It’s in sections 18 and 19 of form I-129-f (fiancee visa application). Check it out at the USCIS site, select forms, and scroll down to form I-129-f.


Be accurate and truthful when you fill out these forms. The U.S. Embassy computers are amazing when it comes to verifying your statements. And be aware that the embassy is aware of which marriage agencies comply with IMBRA and which ones don’t.

Here’s a warning for you, men. If you use a marriage agency to find your foreign bride, ONLY use a marriage agency that is in total compliance with IMBRA. There are enough hoops to jump through for a fiancee visa as it is. Don’t complicate things for yourself and end up with a mess by using an agency that plays “cutesy” with IMBRA requirements.

This is a HUGE “kudo” for A Foreign Affair. Their IMBRA compliance is “squeaky clean.”


As depicted by the press, by clients, and to a large extent by competitors through attempted emulation*, A Foreign Affair is THE agency to go with for a high value, results packed foreign tour to meet women for marriage. They are not simply experts at putting things together for a rewarding tour. They are MASTERS at it. From logistics, to entertainment to introductions – – they do it all, and they do it with a style and grace that ensures success for all.

* 8-10-11 update – – And speaking of competitors, I’ve come across multiple occurrences of competing international marriage agencies recommending that men seeking a high quality, results oriented “romance tour” should go on an A Foreign Affair tour. p.s. more 8-10-11 updates below.

Accommodations on their tours are first rate. For example, the Kiev tour will have you booked in the Hotel Rus on Kheshchatik Avenue, the main street in the center of Kiev. We can speak from experience for our A Foreign Affair review. This is THE place to stay in Kiev. Hotel Rus is where dignitaries stay when visiting the Ukrainian Capital. It’s within walking distance of St. Michaels Cathedral, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the Ukrainian government offices, the U.S. Embassy, and many fine stores and restaurants. Take the A Foreign Affair Kiev tour. Here’s where you’ll stay.


That’s just Kiev. Similar accommodations are provided in other cities. If you’ve never been to Kiev, “try it, you’ll like it”.

Following are clickable photos of some of A Foreign Affair’s Ukrainian women:

And the socials held on the tour are well orchestrated to maximize your ability to meet as many women as possible, always with the assistance of interpreters when needed.


If you’re the type that gets nervous in a room with 100 beautiful women in it, arrangements can be made during the tour for personal introductions.  

A Foreign Affair prides itself on being able to successfully connect men with the women they want to marry. Your chances of being engaged at the end of one of A Foreign Affair’s tours are VERY high.

8-10-11 UPDATE:

Ever since originally writing this portion of our A Foreign Affair review, I’ve felt it to be drab and totally devoid of the breadth and depth of what A Foreign Affair’s tours have to offer. There are simply too many features packed into their tour program to easily present in condensed form here.

So I figure that the best way for you to find out what they offer and provide is to read their categorized bullet point list on their web site. Go to their home page with the link below and click on “tours” at the top of the A Foreign Affair home page here:

A Foreign Affair 

11-15-11 UPDATE:

10. Scam Prevention.

A Foreign Affair has several aspects of its operations that protect men from scammers. I will not state here that you will never come across a scammer on their site. And A Foreign Affair will not give you such a guarantee either. 

BUT for your protection, A Foreign Affair:

a. Has extensive information on its site on how to avoid being scammed – – read and heed.

b. All women’s profile and contact information is confirmed by home office follow up prior to any woman’s profile being allowed on their site.

c. If a man’s suspects he’s dealing with a scammer he can contact experienced staff members at the A Foreign Affair  home office for their perspectives and advice about his situation.

d. A Foreign Affair’s strict adherence to IMBRA and other legal requirements tends to discourage scammers. In other words, the legal protections encourage legitimate, sincere women to sign up while discouraging the “flakey” ones because being faced with obvious legal compliance is both a hassle and potentially risky.   

And by the way, scamming is a two way street. A Foreign Affair conducts fantastic tours and some men like to go on them consecutively to different cities once or more times each year. These men are required to inform the women they meet that they are there on vacation – – to have a good time. This way the women know up front that the man is not a marriage prospect. If a man proposes marriage to women on multiple tours, he’s obviously scamming the women and will not be allowed on subsequent tours. 


1. Search Engine results.

As mentioned earlier in our A Foreign Affair review, the search engine is great. But using it is not always intuitive and can lead to confusing results. For example if you check “Kiev Region” and press enter, you’ll get one set of results. But if you also check “Ukraine” plus the “Kiev region” you’ll get an different set of results. Perhaps it makes sense, but to me it’s confusing. No big deal, just select your preferred city/region and use those results for your selection process.

6-24-11 update – –

On the search page is an option to search by a specific profile i.d. number or an i.d. number range. If you’ve been browsing and making hand-written notes about women you have an interest in, you can use this option to return to each specific woman’s profile. BUT, if you then want to return to browsing city,age, etc. results, you can’t do it because the search engine does not automatically reset the profile i.d. field to its default i.d. numbers. When you enter your new search criteria, your results will be erroneous. This is a “nit” but it can be frustrating. The way around it is to click your browser “refresh” button or go back to the home page and click on search again. Either of these actions will reset the i.d. numbers to the search defaults.

Like I said, this is a “nit”. But being a retired “code jockey” (programmer), I would have written it to always reset the i.d. numbers to the default. Just me, folks. No big deal. Use the “refresh button”.

Hey men, here’s a “heads up” for you: I have previously rated the A Foreign Affair search engine as “awesome”. I stand by that rating even though there are these “nits” (which most people would not even notice.) Go to their home page, select “search” and “poke” around for yourself.

Pick a Latin city and here are some of the women you’ll find:

Or pick an Asian city and here are some of the women you’ll find:

2. Busy Home Page.

For this A Foreign Affair review, a LOT of time was spent on their website. The women’s profile pages are nicely done – – clean, crisp, well organized, and very informative and readable. BUT the site’s home page is incredibly busy. Navigation is not a problem but there’s just a blizzard of links and topics listed on the page.

So there you have it men. That’s the end of our A foreign Affair review – – for now. We’ll keep an eye on them and if something changes, or if we see where expansion/clarification is needed here, we’ll let you know by a blog post and a dated update on this review page.

But the bottom line is this: deciding to have a foreign bride is a HUGE step toward defining the rest of your life. Use of a marriage agency to help you locate and connect with your special woman is a sensible way to ensure success for your quest. But you must use an agency that has INTEGRITY and EXPERIENCE. That’s why we recommend A Foreign Affair.


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