What? Another weird post title? Oh, it’s just homework from my “weird title 101” class. How else would I come up with “Russian Women and The Tao of Badass”? Trust me; there’s a semi-logical explanation forthcoming.

You see, I was cruising the Internet looking for some material for one of my other web sites, (http://www.losingfatfacts.com/) when I came across a self help dating guide called “The Tao of Badass.” Noting that it was popular and highly rated I spent some time checking it out.

So what is the “Tao of Badass?” First off, I’ll not try to explain the title. If it’s important for you to know, check with the author on your own. But long story short, the Tao of Badass is a compilation of tips and techniques that dramatically increases a man’s success rate in meeting and connecting closely with women.

Now truth be known, the owner/author of The Tao of Badass makes some audacious claims in his sales pitch. One such claim is that using his techniques he was able to connect intimately with 15 different women in one 30 day period. Now maybe this is true. If not he’s a bold-faced liar. Yet If it is true I have to ask why he would subject himself to such a bizarre situation – feminine energy is great but not in that kind of megadose.

But the facts are that even in his sales pitch he describes a few things that if a man were to pick up on just one of them and own it as part of his “style”, his success with women would take a sharp turn to the positive direction. And what’s cool is that in “The Tao of Badass” the author describes the psychological factors involved that cause the techniques to work. He wisely does not make any claims of having some kind of total understanding of women. But he does lay out a solid psychological foundation for his success.

O.K. so this is all wonderful; but what does The Tao of Badass have to do with Russian women? Well it turns out that it has a lot to do with Russian women. That’s because the operative word here is “women”. There are many reasons why any particular man may be looking specifically for a Russian woman. But a very common reason is because the man, for a variety of reasons personal to him, may be disgusted with American women, and he yearns for a Russian woman because he “heard” they were much more compatible with his beliefs, attitudes, style or whatever. But if his misfortunes with American women have anything to do with his approach to women in general or his way of relating to them, then he is doomed to failure in dealing with Russian women.

Women are women. Period. And this is not to say that what works for some will work for all. Sure there are individual and cultural differences. But in general, women are responsive to certain things and not responsive to certain other things. The Tao of Badass purports to shine a light on key things that work and thus chart a path through the uncertainties allowing you to be successful and way ahead of the competition.

So checkout The Tao of Badass. Perhaps you don’t need to go to Russia to find your dream girl. Perhaps she lives just down the street and you only need some schooling on how best to approach her.

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More later and Good Luck to you,